A simple racing game resembling games from the NES era.

Complete all 7 levels to win! 

For each level you have to collect at least 1 star to be able to advance.

Let me now what you think in the comments.

If you enjoyed the game, please consider donating a dollar! 

Thank you for playing!


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Any chance to download?

Nice work!


Difficult and frustrating... but in a good way! I had fun, thanks for making this!


Super fun. Impossible even to get the first star, must have tried like 112 times,  but still has that "one more go" addictive feel to it.

Looks good, sounds good, plays good. I like this game.


Thanks! Your comments give me motivation to finish the game!

great game idea and art!  super frustrating.

Thank you! Hope it was frustrating fun.

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well, i kind of suck at games, so crashing and having to start over every time i overshot where i wanted to be wasn't so fun.  i like the challenge, but it may just be too difficult for me. :(
i agree with Zapposh's comment above-- 'has that "one more go" addictive feel to it.'