Introducing Arena mode!

It's a brand new version!

In the new Arena mode you can spawn bots to fight for your enjoyment!

Major changes in this update

  • Added a new game mode called Arena mode
  • Simple menus to change bot attributes.
  • Hints for menus in Arena mode has been added
  • Pause button is added, so you can add bots in the heat of battle!

Minor changes

  • Custom game renamed to Pylon mode

Planned features in the not so distant future

  • Support for multiple teams
  • Different bot classes to choose from ( New bot types with new graphics  )
  • New AI behaviors for both game modes
  • Bot upgrade/leveling system ( leveling up attributes after certain number of kills  )
  • New weapon types and firing modes
  • New explosion effects
  • Challenge mode
  • Achievements and unlockables
  • Options menu with a purpose...


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Feb 19, 2018

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